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What should we do ?



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Greetings everyone Laugh  
I'm Lenalee and after five year i came back ( Just like Oliver Queen from the green arrow tv serial ridicule ) because this game was my childhood game and yesterday i've seen a mail in my mailbox about Mazey and made me to come back and spend some time here like in the old times since it was my favorite game  c:

I've played like 1 week nowadays and I realized that we miss the fun and everyone is so focused to do something like farming,asking about items and what i've misd is the events to do something unordinary and something special. But then i've met some nice players who gived me hope that not everything is lost and i think with just a litle effort we could bring everything back to life where everyones enjoy to spend some time and of course having some fun.

But to do that we need your help, your ideas and imagination. So why wont you say what do you think we need to be a better server sparkle

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