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Market Thread Rule [Updated]



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Head Admin¦Community Manager
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Market Thread Rule [Updated] YzLbXt5

1. Forum User [Player] is allowed to create one (1) thread per account on each subsection [Buying/Selling/Trading] e.g. not making 2 separate threads under buying section, with option to edit their own topic name x amount of times they wish at any point, or message any member of staff to request the thread name to be changed.
Click Here for A Guide on 'How to Edit Thread Topic'

List of members of Staff that can be PM'ed in regards to re-naming topic - as a last resort if still unsure how to edit your post (click on name to go to their profile):
Grey - Community Manager
Daily - Head Admin

2. The Thread is allowed to have any sort of title the player wishes, anything from e.g. ''Selling> Golden Knuckle'', to ''-Name-'s Corner Shop''. These are just ideas of what the topic might be called - it's up to you how you call it, however make it eye-catchy for others to click on it! Here are some examples of acceptable thread names:
Thread Name Examples:
Market Thread Rule [Updated] YK9Rgrg
Market Thread Rule [Updated] BJ3yDUN
Market Thread Rule [Updated] RHobCYw

3. BUMP (Bring up my post) is allowed every 12 hours. No less.

4. Any thread that had no action/post/bump for longer than 21 days will be automatically deleted.

5. Please respect each others post. Please note that all of the Forum Rules also apply here.
The full list of rules you can find here: In Game and Forum Rules

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Market Thread Rule [Updated] 4lbFIyh

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