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Meet the Staff Team



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Mazey Flyff Officials


(Head Administrator / CM)


(Admin/Former Community Manager)


(Event-Game Master)


Staff In-game Color Code
Colour Title
ORANGEOwner/Founder [Owner]
GRAYCommunity Manager [CM]
BLUEAdministrator [Admin]
GREENGame Master [GM]
AQUA BLUEGraphic Designer [Graphics]
Job Description
     • The main and only developer of the server.
     • Holds and have access with the dedicated host, server files and keep them up-to-date.
     • Develops possible game enhancement and features
     • Responsible in verifying and distributing donation concerns.
     • Fix complex issues with regards to bugs, game exploits and monitors server balancing issue.

Head Administrator & Community Manager
     • Takes care of staff issues/complaints
     • Monitor game and server to ensure stability and fair game play
     • Manage server's social medias (fanpage and groups) and gaming forums to attract more players.
     • Monitor the logs in the database
     • Responsible in account verification and password recovery.

     • Monitor the logs in the database
     • Responsible in account verification and password recovery.
Administrator, Community Manager and Event-Game Master and Ambassadors
     • Organize and host events for the community.
     • Ensure all players adhere to gaming rules and regulations.
     • Acts as a customer service representative.
     • Support and assist players' inquiries.
     • Address and Resolve player issues.

Forum Moderator and the rest of the staffs
     • Oversees the communication activity of Mazey Flyff forum.
     •  Monitors the interchange of contributors and makes decisions regarding content and the direction of threads.
     •  Moderating discussions keep topics organized.

Official Mazey Flyff links

Staff Facebook Account

Things to remember:

  • Staffs will NEVER ask for your account details such as password.
  • Staffs do not give items nor in-game currency to players.
  • Staffs have (Meet the Staff Team Pawn_zpsc78d42af)owner rank in Mazey Chat box. 
  • Staffs have [STAFF] next to their names in the Mail/Post box and it is written in red font.
  • Staffs have colored forum name and Staff tag. As shown below
    Meet the Staff Team Ak80GaP
  • Forum moderators doesn't have GM accounts but they still have full privilege to help our community.

Need staff assistance? Type %gmlist in game chat or visit if you want to see who's online. Else, go to

Note: Above is the list of the staff. Any individual that claims to be one of staff or impersonate any of the staff will result their account in being banned permanently.

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