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Valentines Quest + Bonus Events 2.0 + Patchnotes



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Valentines Quest
The Valentines Quest Line will make a return and be in place from February the 11th until February the 16th. If you choose to help Gothante in Northern Saint Morning prepare for Valentines, you might be rewarded with some unique rewards!

You need to be level 175 to see this quest.
Valentines Quest + Bonus Events 2.0 + Patchnotes 46f6c24071
If you completed this quest in 2015, you will still be able to complete it again.
You may see the indicator that a quest is available there, however it won't become active until the event period.

Bonus Events 2.0
There will no longer be any 2x Events, they have all been re-designed in a way that will allow for events to be run more often, however at lower rates all while adding the ability to check what events are active by simply looking at the top of the screen. Do not fear though, for special events you may just see 100% events occurring (100% = the same as 2x)

All the old 2x Event types make a return with the addition of a few new bonus Events that could potentially be held, do note the % values in the picture are just placeholders to show they can be different/possible events.
Valentines Quest + Bonus Events 2.0 + Patchnotes 6c96785713

Kicking it off this Weekend there will be
- 15% Quest Items
- 15% Guild Exp
(Saturday 11th 00:00 - Monday 13th 01:00 Server time)

- 25% Couple Exp (For Valentines Event)
(Saturday 11th 00:00 - Thursday 16th 23:59 Server time)

Double Right Clicking Items
You can double right click an item to move it between different windows that are open, for example moving an item to your backpack no long will require you to drag it from your inventory, you can simply double right click it and it will be moved to the first available slot.

Key Functions
- Hold the left Ctrl key to move the whole stack.
- Hold the left Shift key to bring up a dialogue to choose how many you wish to move.

What can be Moved to Where
Inventory <-> Bag
Inventory <-> Bank
Inventory <-> Guild Bank
Inventory  -> Trade
Inventory <-> Private Shop
Inventory <-> NPC Shop
( "<" and ">" = direction item can go )

Any Quest Items that you could right click on to get further information now require the right Shift Key to be held down to read.

Re-design on UI windows/functionality
Dropping/Deleting Items
The window when Dropping items (to delete them) has been changed to be the same as dragging the item to the trash. This should help to see the item that is being deleted and hopefully avoid deleting the wrong thing, it has also received a few improvements.
- Can now have multiple instances of the Delete window (like the old drop windows)
- Can now press the Enter Key for Ok or the Escape Key for Cancel  (like the old drop windows)
- Now displays the name of the item in the window.
Valentines Quest + Bonus Events 2.0 + Patchnotes 4932e9cf0b

NPC Shop Changes
Instead of the real un-helpful message in the buying and selling window  of ("Really sell this item?" / "Do you want to buy this item?")
It will now also display more information based on what sort of shop you are in, such as the name of the item and currencies it will use.
Valentines Quest + Bonus Events 2.0 + Patchnotes A1a1445042
- Added the ability to use the enter key instead of having to click "OK".
- Fixed an issue that would require a relog if you used the teleporter with a NPC Shop open in order to open another shop.

Player Vending Shop Changes
Player Vending shops can now be closed completely and re-opened, keeping all the items/pricing that was setup. Leaving the market place will reset all the items. Additionally I have defaulted the Player Vending Shop currency to automatically be RP rather than Penya.

Warning Windows
You will receive a warning window when attempting to delete or sell an item that is awake locked. Remember you can use Scroll of Reductions, purchasable from the RC Store to Awake Lock an item making it impossible to accidentally change the awake/lose the item. You can talk to Peach to remove an Awake Lock.
Valentines Quest + Bonus Events 2.0 + Patchnotes 0b0270bb1c

Bonus Items from some Quests
Some quests will now have the chance to get extra rewards for completing, in the Rewards section of the quest in brackets you may see a percentage value next to an item. This is the chance to get that item upon completion. Do note these Bonus Items will be character bound.

Currently the Quests that contain a bonus chance are:
- Collect ALL the things! (Darkon 1)  (10% chance at double Rarity Scrolls)
- Collect ALL the things! (Coral Island)   (10% chance at double Rarity Scrolls)
- Collect ALL the things! (Volkane)   (10% chance at double Rarity Scrolls)
- Collect ALL the things! (Catacombs of Anguish)   (15% chance at double Rarity Scrolls)
- Valentines Day (Pt 6)  (5% chance at 2 Rarity Scrolls)

Other Changes
- When Teleporting it will now close the Teleporter window as it teleports.
- Stat Pets are now like Pick Up pets and will phase through objects rather then get stuck on them.
- All boxes will now list what items they contain (Except Lucky Boxes from voting)
Contained Items = Will get all the items listed.
Possible Items = You will randomly get 1 item from the list.

- Fixed it so setting your Item Effect to 0 it will now also hide the sfx from Pick Up pets.
- Fixed the crash when opening the skill window (Possibly)
- Fixed running at ramps with speed and getting stopped, you should now be able to run smoothly. This will also allow you to hop over small objects without having to jump meaning getting stuck less (planter boxes/Flaris City wooden fences eg.)
- Added some behind the scenes checks regarding attack range, if you find your attacks not landing try move a little closer as either you or your targets positions on your client don't quite match the servers. **Updated- Changed to be PVE only for now**

~Mazey Staff

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