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Indefinitely Closing Down



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As many may have noticed the player count has been dwindling for many months on Mazey Flyff, in part due to lack of updates. I have experimented with various new ideas and systems but was never able to definitively feel they worked how I liked. I feel there is a very large amount of changes needed to bring Mazey Flyff back into its prime.

Mazey Flyff has been running on fumes now for a few months and I told myself, I would keep it going for as long as it supported its own operating costs. However, as the donations have slowed down, so to have charge-backs increased.

For now, I will be closing down Mazey Flyff on Tuesday April 9th (2 weeks from today) for an indefinite amount of time while changes can be made to bring it back into its prime. I’d like to give a massive thanks to everyone who has supported the server over the past nearly 6 years and a thank you to all the staff who have helped in their spare time.


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