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Stated Items + Bug



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Well... Since i just realised that the stats on my items is bloking me the SOTA [wich i hope a gm will take care, cuz i really need it] i realised that the stated items can be put in "awaked" item slot, so i gave it a try.... Now if you use a SOTA to transfer the Item + Stat [int, sta, str, dex] from an stated item [put it in the "awaked slot" ] to a non-stated [put it on "unawaked slot" ] the stat not only will transfer, it will dupply ! now you have the stats on your first item, and the same stats + in your second items [to the one that you suposed to transfer the awake] since you can transfer from helmet to suit, it works for them plus weapon/shield ... I guess a gm could take care about it >.< and remove the Stats t the item i use to Test it

##1 - Posted on Sun Aug 17, 2014 10:54 am
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It has to do with Official Flyff's complex coding. These "+ Stats" were also created in hoping to prevent the growth of private servers.

I would believe that this decision can start leading back to the idea of Dupply the stats, especially for the Slayer class. Which by saying that, in my view, it is bug and a glitch.

But in my spot, It is up to Grey or Mazey to decided if this is good thing to be talking about or not.

##2 - Posted on Sun Aug 17, 2014 12:02 pm
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