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National Coming Out Day 2k15 (October 11)

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Allow me to introduce myself--

My IGN is Pterinochilus, but my name is Sarah. Both names are unique in that I chose both of them for myself. My IGN was chosen because it's the genus of an African tarantula and spiders are a passion of mine.
My other name was chosen because I'm transgender.
I was assigned male at birth (IE "it's a boy!") but all my life I've felt more female. That is, I have a female mind inside a male body.
I also identify as a lesbian, because I am attracted to women and also consider myself to be a woman.
For many trans people, myself included, this comes with pretty rough experiences-- just the other night, my mother told me repeatedly to "man up" and said that how I felt was an abomination to God. Many other trans men and women face similar struggles, and it often ends tragically for them.
Most gender psychology scholars can tell you that forty-one percent of all trans people attempt or commit suicide. Approximately thirty percent of gay and lesbian people have attempted or committed suicide. This is compared to approximately five percent of the rest of the general population-- as you can see, the number of gay and lesbian suicide attempts is six times as high as the general population; transgender suicide attempts are a staggering eight times as common.
All this, and I haven't even mentioned the rates of violent crime towards the LGBT community.

Studies show that as much as 10% of the population of the world identifies with the LGBTQ+ community. One in every ten people you meet could very well be gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgender. You never know the struggle that these folks are going through.

This is why I'm asking Mazey FlyFF to take part in National Coming Out Day on Sunday, October 11th, 2015. It's a day that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and encourages those who are still "closeted" to come out and accept who they are. How, you ask?

I would like the server to make same-sex couples possible.
A small gesture, but a meaningful one for those who would be affected.

I would also like to add a special cloak vendor for one day who would sell, for an affordable price, cloaks based off of the LGBTQ+ flags. The name could be [Cloak Vendor] Obergefell, in honor of James Obergefell, the plaintiff in the Obergefell vs. Hodges Supreme Court case that ruled same-sex marriage a constitutional right in the United States.
These cloaks would be representative of the LGBTQ+ community and would show their colors.
Rainbow for the gay and lesbian flag; pink, blue, and purple for the bisexual flag; pink, white, and blue for the transgender flag; and pink, yellow, and blue for the pansexual flag (among others).

I think that some fashion-only, non-statted (or low-statted) cloaks for the LGBTQ+ community could be a positive change for the server that would go unnoticed by those unnaffected but would be overwhelmingly meaningful to those who would want them. If only for a day, it's something I'd very much like to see happen.

I will be glad to answer questions both here and ingame.

-Edit- It seems that same-sex couples are already available. As I would like to see the rest of this suggestion be implemented, I will be leaving it up.

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Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against LGBTQ or any group related to transgender and third sex. I believe that the world or society has nothing to do with our own decision and well-being. Just let things be and don't mind others' business. But I just wanted to ask why do we have to partake on this event? This is not like a major event in our calendar to be honest with you. We didn't even have a Thanksgiving event last year. And most of the players here, if not all, are trolls. Do you think they will take it seriously? I mean the CS and cloaks you suggested. At the end of the day, they will just probably make fun of it--wearing them cloaks and running around Madrigal with childish behavior. I know I sound cynical, but I've been a player here for a long time. Believe me this condition will happen. And will somehow offend your community.

And we can have a same-sex couple here. Though I'm not sure if male-to-male is allowed but my Mentalist which is a female char is coupled to a female Seraph.

About the cloaks and CS, I'm not sure if that will happen. I mean we have tons of suggestions here at Forums about models and CS and such and up until now they haven't even added any. And considering that it has to be 'implemented' on a short period of time (October 11th, right?).

Though again don't get me wrong here. I'm not purposely shooting down your suggestion with hidden agenda and stuff but if you will put yourself on my perspective and understand the situation, you'll probably get what I mean. Though I have to say that I admire you for being proud of what you believe in. Kudos to that. But 'forcing' the community and the developers to partake on this event is a little too much for me.

Perhaps you are asking too much. How about settling on having like 2x MQC or 2x Rarity Chance et al just so we can acknowledge this big event for LGBT community. But then again, that's just me. I just hope I don't offend or hurt your feelings at some point. I could really be rather frank sometimes.

EDIT: Nevermind the CS that I'm saying here. I misread your suggestion. I thought you are suggesting CS too.

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@Kaishirco wrote:Can someone make this shorter for me to read ?

Topic opener is suggesting a special event for the National Coming Out Day on Sunday, October 11th for the LGBT community (for those who are not heterosexual). For this specific event she is suggesting an NPC and some custom cloaks to be implemented.

Personally I don't like the idea of implementing the mentioned NPC and/or flags/cloaks simply because there are many people that are against same sex marriages and colourful flags.

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