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Read Read Read *Important* [Help please]

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hello ,
my account was recently banned (2 yeard ago) and i tried to contact with the staff  and no one replied only shai replied and he saied he will talk to mazey and he didnt reply again my proplem is i took remopro and i got dc and i got banned for life and it worth 40 rps my account worth 3k rps + and i donated alot so please please help me cause i got tired of asking for help and no one replies i came to this flyff cause everyone says its the best and the staff are friendly so please please again help me
P.S some of the gms told me to talk to the one who i took the remo pro from  and he left flyff because its 2 years ago and even if he didnt leave i dont remember the name and shai saied he will unban me cause its tiny item and the staff had many situations like mine and got unbaned so please reply and i apreciate it thanks , good day!

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