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How to choose the right type of floor drain correctly When purchasing long floor drains, you must choose a larger displacement. If there is a water pipe burst in one of the households, but no one is at home, the long floor drain can quickly drain the water. The amount of floor drain displacement can be selected according to the installation location and the size of the floor drain outlet. When selecting a long floor drain, it is also necessary to check whether its filtering function is good or bad. If the filtering function is poor, it is likely to be blocked in the later stage, which is difficult to clean up. The best filter aperture is about 5-8MM, which can effectively prevent the accident of foreign matter falling into the sewer pipe. According to the location to determine the floor drain, for example, the amount of water used in the shower room is relatively large. If the floor drain cannot be drained in time, it is easy to accumulate water. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a floor drain with a large displacement.
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