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You should go to Sleep.

Hello! Some of you might have noticed that I'm doing daily events for the Sleep Guild. I'll start posting results here for proof of winning (when applicable).

I have now been doing events for TWO weeks! The prize is always worth 200RP OR MORE (unless it's a shop event, then it may be multiple small prizes that add to 200RP or more).

Help out!
If you want to contribute to future events or partner to host one, PM me or post here! We have tons of fun, and I like to think that this helps the server to seem more lively and connected. I've been doing this and am considered a trustworthy member of the community. I can't do this by myself forever, so make yourself a part of a new tradition and help keep it alive!


Fast Hands

Sleep Guild Events Flyff010

Fast Hands
This was round 3 (Final round) of a 3 round event with 200, 150, and 100 RP prizes!

Sleep Guild Events Flyff011

Disclaimer: I am NOT staff, so many "common" rules DON'T apply to my events.

I can interpret answers and determine winners as I see fit.
I do not mean that I will give prizes to whoever I want.

I mean that if the answer is "purple" on a quiz event and someone says "pruple," they will win because I knew what they meant. This obviously won't apply to fast-hand type events.

Whoever I see NEAR my first in HnS may win unless I say that they have to trade me first.

Also, WINNERS CAN ALWAYS WIN AGAIN if I'm doing multiple events.

We're recruiting! Join us!

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