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Wiki and Ingame Inaccurate Quest Info



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The "Collect all the Things" quest has an inaccurate info written on the wiki and ingame. The wiki says you need 500 of these things :

Tomb Marble, Golden Cup, Orbin and 15 of each ruby.

It is the same thing written on the quest contents. But the quest requirement says that we need Golden Fist instead of Golden Cup. Please fix both ingame and wiki. Thanks

EDIT: Adding another wrong info in the wiki where in the quest collect all things the warriors toolbox is specified to be found by killing risen assasins which is wrong.

EDIT 2: The Collect all things (Catacombs of Anguish) Quest requirements on Wiki says that it requires Magic Orb of Darkness from Banshees but ingame it is the Staff Piece which is acquired from Risen Mages.

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