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Can't Patch :(



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I already tried all the possibilities to fix this, because I already fix it when i'm playing on the other servers. But in Mazey, i can't really  fix it...
I think the only solution for this is to make a new patcher Very Happy .

By the way, check my Patch Log, I know you know what it means
Here's the text inside the Patchlog

05/08-10:48:20 Attempt to connect(
05/08-10:48:20 Connected
05/08-10:48:20 NeuroSpace/RESCLIENT/list.txt.gz, 0(th), 0bytes
05/08-10:48:21 ERROR: File Not Found
Hmm.. I think there's a trouble in CloudFlare Protection through the Browser of the Patcher.

really Hoping you can fix it Very Happy

Thank You,

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