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Suggestion in pve mode.



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I suggest adding a dungeon with the boss to the game.
And suggest adding Guild's top list which running this dungeon (How many times is running guild in this dungeon).
And make for guilds in top 3 position titles (PRO PvE)

In the dungeon, the entry is only allowed for Guilds and if::
1.Maximum 7 players. (with guild and party leader 8 )
2.All party members is already guild members.
3.Level of party 40+.
4.Level of guild 40+.
5.All members party and guild minimum 175lvl.
6.The party leader is guild leader too.
Dungeon time remaining 2h.
In dungeon before will spawn boss players need to destroy 7 totems with Forcemaster's or Crackshooter's skills (Like MC)

Characteristics of the boss::
Critical hit~900m in normal mode (Need to ress Templar class like tank class in game.)
Critical hit~1.1b in rage mode (Need to ress Templar class like tank class in game.)
Aoe skill~100m in normal mode
Aoe skill~200m in rage mode
Can heal himself for 50% (with 100% chance) when left the critical number hp.
After healing runs into a rage mode with 50% hp
Critical hit the boss can do only on players which first attak him.
The boss does not give in to any stuns.
Mentalists can use them debuffs on boss and really make it much easy for guild to kill boss
Seraphes can use holycross on boss.
Boss can debuff the player which tanking him.
Сan summon the mini bosses with low def (2-4 bosses) in rage mode
Mini bosses::
Aoe skill~50m
(Have only aoe skills w/o rage mode)
Drop: Havent drop.
Aurum parts
Sacred weaps
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