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easy red perins???



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hi.. i have been playing for around 3 weeks now.. first of, i dont have credit card so i cant donate..

i really need to know how rich people get their RP's.. coz d'items are really expensive..

what should i buy with vote points that could cost  me a fortune?

i dont see a lot of people farming rc in traseia anymore.. or maybe theres other spot i do not know yet.. if theres any, where is it?

all ive been doing is CA and boss hunting.. and its really time consuming.. coz sometimes i dont get any rare with 5 hours of afk'ing in CA.. and in boss hunting, i usually crash with unknown reason, its not my pc coz i can  log in 4 accounts at once. when i do hunting, i only use 1 acct and it still crashes, so i assume its also time consuming. and the items got really really low on price..

thank you for the time reading and i hope you put a comment too..

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Welcome to Mazey FlyFF!

This is my very own opinion - RC farming is still the best idea to earn RPs for new players. Compared to hunting bosses like Kalgas which is very time consuming and since you would still need to sell those stuff, you'd earn more just by farming red chips (and you don't even need good gears to do so - less hassle as well). Blackweb shade masquerpet located in Traseia is so far still the best place for farming as monsters there drops both red chips and perins. If you need any help or have any concern/question regarding the game then please feel free to let us know. You may type %gmlist in-game to see online staff.

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In addition to what GM Rial said, you could also try Merchandising. This is where you buy cheap stuff and sell it for a normal to above normal price. This is a little tricky and risky but it really works out for me.

And you also have to take note that since Mazey flyff has been running smoothly for almost 2 years (no wipes), players hasn't lost any of their items and instead it just increases over time.

If you really want to grind RPs, you already have the advantage when you said you can log-in 4 accounts at once. 3 for collecting and 1 for farming RC. Spice it up a bit by farming MQCs. Though, GM Rial is right, RC/RP farming is still the best way to go. If you have all the required items that increases lucky box and drop rate, I guarantee that you'll have a result of 30 - 40 RP per hour.


@lockheart wrote:what should i buy with vote points that could cost  me a fortune?

Regarding this one, if you like to gamble, buy Lucky Dips. If you want a sure RP on your hand, buy a 3-Day Premium Scroll or Mazey Vote Accessory Set. Just shout the amount of VPs you have and let players offer for it. In that way, you'll know what items they need so you won't have a hard time selling your VPs.

Also, I made a guide regarding prices. The prices on this guide are not the right and exact prices for an item. Players can sell it cheap or overpriced whatever they deem to. I just record the price that I see on Market Place and update it on my guide. Most often than not, I get the correct prices.

Price List Guide

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